Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wintery Easter break

With Easter falling late this year, the weather wasn't great. Lucy and I still managed our egg hunt (even though I had to dash out just before and quicky hide the eggs). She was so proud of herself spotting the 'hidden' eggs and then took much delight in coming inside to sit down to a feast of chocolate!

I've been spending more time looking at people's blogs and the other night I came across Made by Joel. He has all sorts of things on his blog and I particularly love all of his crafty ideas that he does with his kids. Feeling inspired Lucy and I sat down to make our very own aquarium. We have visited the Island Bay Marine Education Centre often and she loves looking at the fish. If you are in Wellington it really is worth a visit.

We dashed out in the rain and picked up a few supplies at our local $2 shop and came home and got ready. I think the highlight had to be the glitter and anything shiny for Lucy, needless to say, we have a very glittery aquarium! And we couldn't forget Nemo! She thinks its great and we both had lots of fun glueing and putting it together. We tied the cotton to the buttons so that she can take hold of the button and slide the fish across the aquarium, now she can make them swim around on her own.

Not sure what we'll make next ...


  1. what beautiful photo's of the egg hunt! It sounds like great fun. And I just LOVE that aquarium, and the moving string/buttons idea is so inspired - we have rain and rain and rain today so I may just give this one a go x

  2. Hi Jo

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    Cupcake Cutie

  3. Love the aquarium Jo, well done :) I love home made things for the kids