Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lovely morning out

I had been looking forward to today's Craft 2.0 at the Dowse Gallery for weeks. I've been lots of times before as it's close to home and I love looking at all of the treats. Everytime I go, I always leave feeling inspired and impressed by all of the beautiful things that people have spent so much time making. The gallery is full of lots of loveliness and lots of little delicious goodies.
It's been a bit quiet around here but today Lucy's 'Gamma and Poppy' looked after her while I had a bit of time out.
There was also another reason why I was looking forward to today. My bestest friend from Intermediate school days was having her first ever stall at the craft fair. We haven't seen each other since sometime at high school, so its been about 25 years since we've caught up. It was just wonderful to see her again and so lovely to see her gorgeous bags and purses, not to mention her cute rabbits that I've been eying up on her felt shop.
After catching up, it was time for a little wander. I was after a pincushion and a few hair clips for Lucy - she seems to eat them for they are forever disappearing and never to be seen again. I also wanted something a little more homemade than just the usual plastic. I have a small, but growing, collection of hearts which hang in my sewing room, today I added this lovely red heart, made my Stephanie Cahorel.
Then I spied the most gorgeous stall full of lots of bright and cheerful loveliness, and pincushions just like I was after. I instantly spotted this one and had to have it, although I did have to decide between this and one shaped like a cupcake.
Kim, from cupcake cutie must have spent hours and hours cutting and handstitching all of her beautiful creations. How do you put a price on all those hours of work? She had so many delightful things, just as I was about to leave I spied her needle books and so had to have this too!
I thought I'd done well to get out the door with just my couple of purchases, I had looked for little hair clips along the way but hadn't spotted any. I was out the door and there right in front of me under the big red and white polka dotted umbrella were the most perfect hairclips for Lucy. Unfortunately I don't know who the lovely girls are that made them. They were an instant hit when I got home.
I had a lovely morning out looking at all of the wonderful handmade creations. I hope those that had stalls had a successful and enjoyable day at the Dowse.


  1. Hi Jo
    What a wonderful wee blog you have - love the name!
    Thank you so much for your lovely words about my crafty goodies. I hope they inspire you in all your crafty endeavours. I am now following you so I can see where inspiration is taking you!

  2. Oh, thanks so much, what a lovely post. Wonderful wonderful to see you too - glad you had a lovely day (can you believe all the work on the Cupcake Cuties items, so beautiful) x