Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Day for a Good Book

Winter arrived here yesterday. We lit our woodburner and felt warm and toasty as the rain was driven into our house by one of those chill-you-to-the-bone southerlies. I have to admit there is something very cosy about the fire going on a cold, wet day and being snugged up inside with a good book. Our local library is on the net and so I love browsing their new books online, making a reserve and then popping down to collect a bundle of books that all look great, and often, very new.
The other day I came across this book.

The presentation is really attractive and easy to either browse through, or study carefully. Its been divided into chapters such as Window, Bed and Gifts and other Little Things. Some of the ideas are delightful in their simplicity, and there's a wide range of abilities catered for.

I recently bought some white clay that just dries in the air (great stuff for making things with kids, easy to use, dries quick, you can paint it and it stays strong). So in the easter break I'm hoping to have a go at making a few little labels for some of my kitchen containers.

And just one more picture because I thought this was a great idea. Belt buckles.

the homemade home

50 thrifty and chic handmade projects

Sania Pell

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