Saturday, May 14, 2011


I couldn't resist this lovely bunch of lisianthus, now they are cheering up our dining room - not that our dining room needs cheering up, just nice to have some fresh flowers in the house.
I've been mulling over making Lucy a little doll.
This is the second time I've got 'Softies, 22 Friends for you to sew, knit and crochet out of the local library. On the cover is the dolly, Polly (2nd from the left) so I've found a few fabrics and am about to start making Lucy a little Polly.
Now that I've blogged about it, I will have to get on with it and actually do it! Thought this might help me to get on and start!
My two and a half year old loves wearing clips - for about five minutes. Then they just disappear into a huge hairclip black hole somewhere in our house that I never knew existed. Hopefully one day this black hole will spit them all out and we will be up to our knees in hairclips. In the meantime, I figured if I just make lots and lots of them they will just be everywhere around the house, thereby making it a little easier to find one when I need one.
Suddenly friends have started enquiring about me making a few more .. so I'm experimenting with attaching the button to the clip so that they don't come apart easily. Stay tuned, I've just about found the best solution and am feeling pretty pleased with myself, who knows, I might even try opening my own little shop on felt. I've found a couple of other things to attach to the clips so once I'm sorted I'll blog about those too - with photos of completed ones!
Thanks also to Jen from Jacolily Design, she kindly sent me a Baker's Delight voucher which Lucy and I immediately enjoyed - one of their cheese twists went down a treat! Think we had overdosed on the hot cross buns so went for something savoury ... delish. Thanks very much Jen.

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