Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's been a week full of surprises, thankfully all good! With little Lucy being sick with bronchiolitis (inflamation of the tubes in your lungs which, according to our doctor, has become much more prevalent in small children now that we are keeping them out of the sun more as it appears to be related to not having enough vitamin D!), and then an ear infection so another trip to the doctor - good surprises were just what I needed! Firstly, this lovely parcel arrived in the mail from Kim at Cupcake Cutie. I entered her competition at Craft 2.0 at the Dowse and I was the lucky name to be drawn. Her Little Red Riding Hood now sits in pride of place on my sewing table. Thank you Kim! She's lovely. I've also been pondering away at trying to think up some technology challenge for a group of 12 and 13 year old boys in my technology class. I came across this website where there are lots of really neat things to make that are science and technology based. My husband and I (OK, mainly him but I'll be teaching it to the boys tomorrow!) made a very successful steam powered engine for a Putt Putt boat using an old coke can, glue and straws. Instead of a boat, we just used an old foam tray to test out our engine in the bath - and it worked first go! If you're not sure what a Putt Putt boat is, have a look at the first minute of this clip.

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