Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Beginnings

The weather is warming up and today my beautiful blossom tree began to flower. This is a photo of the very first buds as they begin to open. Every year I get comments on my tree. Its planted in the corner of the front yard and when it's fully in bloom I will share a photo of it. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The other day I decided to make a banana, walnut and chocolate chip loaf. I often seem to have over ripe bananas and the only way I knew how to use them up, was to make banana cake. Now this loaf is delicious, I found the recipe in the Countdown magazine. But more importantly than the loaf, I came up with a fantastic idea! How often have you lined a tin and then had trouble putting the cake mixture in because the paper keeps moving? Well, this time I had had enough! I found a few clothes pegs and pushed the paper down, made a few creases around the sides and then pegged the paper into place! Brilliant!! Of course, I did remember to remove the pegs before placing the loaves into the oven.
I've also recently participated in Megans Kids Rugby World Cup Swap.
Lucy and I had fun going around collecting up little souvenirs and things about New Zealand to share with a Maegan and her family in Lake Cherokee, Texas. We are doing a little swap with Karston age 5, Kyrie age 3 and Kanon age 2. We finally got our letter written and our goodies gathered so I was able to post the parcel today - hopefully the goodies will arrive before the final of the World Cup - and hopefully we are looking forward to the All Blacks being in the final!
Almost the end of the school holidays. Then there's only 8 weeks until the big summer holidays. Roll on summer!


  1. I've got my packages all ready to send too. We got a package from Aussie yesterday and it was so fun to open it all up. you asked about needled cotton re my quilts- I got it from Spotlight. I hadn't heard of it before but the ladies there recommended it and it's really lovely as a quilt inner- warm but not bulky and easy to cut. Would also stand up to lots of washes compared to regular batting I think- this might by why they recommended it as you definitely need to be able to wash kids quilts! any more q's let me know :)

  2. We did receive our package, and it could not have been more wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The kiwi bird and rugby ball were a hit (as was the candy). Yours is on its way. So sorry it is not there before the rugby final. Go All Blacks!