Friday, September 30, 2011

Just around the corner

It really feels like summer is coming. Lucy and I have been enjoying ourselves out on the deck almost every day. Spring is certainly here and the garden is ready to spend some time in. Last year, my lovely Kaponga rhododendron barely flowered, I thought I had it in the wrong place, and my tomatoes had very few fruit. It was such a great surprise to see my rhody absolutely smoothered in the most gorgeous blooms just recently - now I think that means we're in for a great growing season. Things sitting in pots waiting for me to plant: Green and gold zuchinni Dwarf peas Italian parsley Rocket Telegraph cucumber 22 corokia (for our new hedge down our new driveway!) 5 standard Portugese Laurels (for a bit of fancy stuff with the corokia) The other day I froze some water and then Lucy had great fun exploring what salt did to the ice when she sprinkled it on. Then we used some droppers to drop different coloured food colouring onto it. I think she just enjoyed watching the colour squirt out of the dropper as she squeezed it hard. I've also been playing around in her room, actually, her room has been an on-going project and I think I can say I've almost finished. I found this delightful girly chandalier and it looks great in her room. At night, it gives off a lovely soft light and Lucy takes great delight in taking visitors by the hand and showing them "my beautiful light." I've managed to cut up some chipboard and found some fabric so my next job is to cover it and make her a notice board. Nothing beats playing with bubbles! Lucy is mastering the art of blowing bubbles and shes getting pretty good at catching them too!
I haven't been blogging for ages and have realised how much I've missed it. Hopefully I can get back into spending some evening time writing my own, rather than just pouring over so many others! It is just so inspiring reading what others have done and are doing. I've started a few little projects so hopefully can get these finished and share them on here.

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  1. ooh i like the salt on ice idea! have just spotted the Kate Jacobs book in your book list- Knit Two. I read her Friday Night knitting club book and didn't realise she had more so will have to track them down at the library hopefully. I miss blogging when I don;t get to it too- funny isn't it! Love that chandelier too :)