Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small Steps

One of my goals this year is to learn to sew. At last I am about to start evening classes and just can't wait. In the meantime I joined a Sew Along via Hazel's blog - there are 30 of us making a reversable sunhat and each week a new post is put up with a few more steps. Today I have completed step 2, attaching the band to the crown - and boy do I feel proud!
I have managed to make some cute little bunting for Lucy's bedroom and I have almost finished her curtains, they are hanging but I just need to get around to finishing off the folded back bits so that they don't keep unfolding, if that makes sense!! Last year I was shown how to make some little pants and that was my first sewing attempt since intermediate when I made a skirt that didn't match up at the zip, and the letter 'J' which I still have!
I've also been busy with making my own clothes washing liquid. A couple of weeks ago I made the powder (well, it was more like clay) and so this week I got busy and made Wendyl's Green Goddess Liquid Detergent. It was very easy to make but I have to admit the viscosity is quite a bit different to her own which I sampled from the internet. My detergent is a little bit more slime like, I have to be careful when pouring it that a big glob doesn't slip out and go everywhere. But hey, the lavender smells good and the clothes are clean, and I've done my bit for the environment and for our budget - managed to make 7 and a half litres in one go!
Summer is coming to an end, it's getting cooler in the morning and the garden is slowing down, my poor dahlias haven't done much this summer but suddenly this week they've added a little brightness to our back yard. Lovely when our news has been so sad for the past two weeks, Christchurch will never be the same. I still feel so sorry for everyone down there, I just can't imagine what it was like but it has been truely amazing how wonderful the whole country is getting behind Canterbury, makes you proud to be a kiwi.
We went out today and got our survival kit organised, along with half of Wellington, amazing how much had been sold out but great to know more of us are taking note and doing something about looking after ourselves in an emergency. We got to the supermarket and asked Lucy what she thought we might need in an emergency, her reply; "Chocolate" - I think she's right so we've added a block!


  1. oh chocolate is a must-have on anyones list! Lucy is clearly a very bright wee gal. The hat is going to look gorgeous, love the fabric choices. Your bunting is gorgeous, and I love the colour of her walls! x

  2. Your sunhat looks lovely and I love the bunting. I also love your dahlia. I miss the dahlias I had when we lived in Chch. And welcome to the blogging world.